Career Day

I have a big day coming up on Wednesday, June 29th. In the morning I’m starting my career as a trainer at the writing gym (Tmol Shilshom, 5 Nachlat Shiva, Jerusalem, 9:30 a.m.) and in the evening I’m starting my career as a ceremonial hostess at a secular wedding, a private event in Jaffa. Which reminds me of Career Day in eleventh grade. At Shaker Heights High School in the early ‘60’s, neither trainer at a writing gym nor ceremonial hostess at a wedding was an option to explore. I became a secretary, administrative assistant and then a social worker, because these careers were on the list. Poet wasn’t on the list. Nor was translator, tour guide, community worker or family events organizer, some of the things I’ve done for money over the years. I hope the current students in high schools don’t have to suffer through a Career Day with a preset list of options. Let them make up their own careers as they go along. That’s what I did. And I’ve loved every job until I didn’t anymore and then moved on to the next. Today I have no career (writing is a way of life, not a career), but I can look back on a life full of divergent and challenging experiences. 


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  1. estherhecht says:

    Wow! My hat’s off to you. I bet we’ll be hearing about a few more of your careers.


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