The Key on the Almond Branch

Jeremiah parked his van at the end of Haelah Street in Moshav Beit Zayit. He locked the door to his van and walked …   

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2 Responses to The Key on the Almond Branch

  1. Daniel Labensohn says:

    Dear Judy,

    Thank you for offering this vivid expression of The Times of Israel. It seems like every time I open the news about Israel the only thing I see is a post about a corrupt government, an extreme lack of social solidarity, and an upcoming war with Iran. Has the Land of Milk and Honey exhausted its replenishing resources? Definitely not, it merely fails to recognize that underlining all these ongoing turmoils, as you point out, there exists a thirst, a crave for living water. And how naturally is this crave mirrored outwardly on to a land that cries out for rain. For even as I look out from my home on the curving foothills of Northern California, I can feel the cry of a land struck by drought, and often I too fail to recognize that it’s not the outer land crying for rain but rather the inner land, the Promised Land. Thanks again for pointing beyond the outer cries of corruption, hatred, and wars to the reflections and needs of the individual inside ourselves who shapes the outer Times of Israel. Yishar Koach!


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