The Geography of Hatred in Downtown Jerusalem

No separation fence can contain the hatred that gushed out on Friday morning at Zion Square. Dozens of teen-age Jews attacked three teen-age Arabs. This hatred was expressed in shouts of slurs and slogans not worth repeating. The pulses of the hateful rose as the hatred came out through kicks, punches, slaps and bashes. Even as one Arab teen lost consciousness, the Jewish youth did not stop their gymnastics of hatred. Kicks were directed at the victim’s legs, stomach, head and heart.

Reading about this attack online on Friday afternoon, I finally understood what baseless hatred looks like,  for the attackers did not know their victims. . . .  click below to read more

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6 Responses to The Geography of Hatred in Downtown Jerusalem

  1. estherhecht says:

    To the best of my knowledge the Museum of Tolerance will deal neither with the Holocaust (because Yad Vashem already does that) nor with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. So don’t pin your hopes on that museum, part of which is being built over Muslim graves and thus is hardly in a position to preach or teach tolerance.


  2. Jane A says:

    Every summer on Pleasant Lake in Maine, Seeds of Peace hosts hundreds of teens from all over the middle east..I keep hoping that some day, a few of these now young adults will be the ones to bring real change– it only takes one – like a Martin Luther King to change the world. Can we hope?


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