The Writing Pad Opens Its Deck

I’ve rented a writing room of my own, a seven minute walk from my home, in Moshav Beit Zayit. Inside are a desk, sink, toilet, fridge and tea kettle. Outside, a cozy deck overlooks a plant nursery. Two tables that seat fifteen people fit on the deck. Olive and lemon trees border the deck on one side and a trampoline on the other. Beyond the trampoline live two horses. On the horizon the jagged pines of the Jerusalem hills comb the sky.

What more does one need to start a new venture?

Welcome to The Writing Pad, first cousin to The Writing Gym. In Beit Zayit, ten minutes west of Jerusalem, I plan to organize monthly writing events for Anglo-Israeli writers.

The summer 2013 season opens with Joan Leegant ( on May 22nd leading a class on “Letting Language Drive the Narrative” (Sold Out!) followed by Ilana Blumberg ( ) on June 20th  (details available at the end of April.)

Local and visiting writers will give all-day or half-day master classes.

Let the wild rumpus begin!

If you would like to receive updates about the monthly programs at The Writing Pad, send me an email ( and I will add your name to my mailing list. Events fill up quickly, so don’t obsess for long.

If you are a visiting writer with extensive teaching experience, feel free to contact me months before your visit with an idea for a master class.

I look forward to helping create a nurturing environment for Anglo writers in Israel.

I look forward to sharing this glorious green corner of calm with you.

Now, excuse me while I run over to The Writing Pad to say a Shechechiyanu.

About Judy Labensohn

I'm a writer and teacher of writing.
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9 Responses to The Writing Pad Opens Its Deck

  1. estherhecht says:

    Mazal tov, Judy. Your initiative is inspiring.
    Best of luck.


  2. Eve Tal says:

    Great idea! I already receive your mails so I guess I’m on your list. I took a class with Joan at Evan’s and it was excellent (tho expensive…). I hope to take Ilana’s class. I hope you’ll remember those of us who write for kids. You might want to put a notice in the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators newsletter that visiting writers might want to teach a class. You can contact them through their web site: We have an Israeli branch though nowadays it mostly focuses on illustrators. But if you do have a children’s writer,I’m sure Miri Leshem at will be happy to send an email to all the members in Israel. Miri is terrific about things like that. And I enjoy your blog posts very much!

    All the best, Eve


  3. mooshusgrandma says:

    Judy dear, Mazel tov on your new enterprise. It sounds wonderful, and with stunning scenery. Soon I will have something new, too–a new left hip joint coming on April 29. Not so scenic I’m sure, but it will be good to have it over and done with.I’ll have a 3-night hospital stay followed by a week or so at a place for rehab. Hope you ahd David are well, and the kinder, too. Love, Bonnie    


  4. Ricky Ben-Shimol says:

    Judy – good luck with your new writing pad… Sounds like a haven!


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