This Isn’t a Blog Post

It’s my using your interest in my writing to share with you an on-line discussion in which I took part that appears here in The Brooklyn Rail, because I think it’s a fascinating discussion and always timely.

Thank you to Catherine Parnell, Senior Associate Editor of Consequence, An International Literary Magazine Focusing on the Culture of War, who initiated and edited the discussion, based on writers who appeared in the Tenth Anniversary Spring 2018 Issue of Consequence.

Google Consequence and/or Catherine Parnell for more details. I’m just glad I was able to create a link with “here” on a blog post. First time!!  I am such a late bloomer.

Thank you all for being faithful readers of  Upcoming posts will probably be about my adventures in dancing with Galit Liss in a group of women 50 and older, and/or studying music theory at BPM in a group of mixed gender 30 and younger, and/or the Tel Aviv municipal elections in which I may vote for a young man who, like me, wants to get rid of automobiles in the city, encourage public transportation, better relations between Tel Aviv and Yafo, and MORE diversity, not less.

How’s that for leaving you breathless?

PS – If you live in a university town in the US, see if you can find the latest issue of Harpur Palate, a bi-annual literary magazine published by Binghamton University. (not Birmingham, you stupid British word checker!)  I have a piece in there called “Side Effects.” It describes the initial barriers that make it so hard for women to come forward and speak openly about sexual assault. We’ve come a long way since the ’50s, but we still have a long way to go.



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7 Responses to This Isn’t a Blog Post

  1. Sivan Butler-Rotholz says:

    “Every time I enter a public place in Israel, a security guard asks me if I am armed. Yes, I say. I have a pen.”So good!! 

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  2. Dennis Roarty says:


    Thank you fir sending.

    You introduce me to so many thoughts that are not part of my everyday experience.

    As I read the transcript, I was (again) impressed by how many very intelligent people inhabit our varied world. Fortunately, some of them, you included, choose to share their thoughts through their writings. And that good fortune makes for fortunate readers (me included).

    Please keep ‘em coming.

    Love you,

    Dennis Lomond ‘57 Byron ‘60 Shaker ‘63


  3. Dear Dennis Lomond, Dennis Byron and Dennis Shaker, please send my love to Dennis R.


  4. Gila Green says:

    I enjoyed the discussion, Judy. You mentioned women don’t write much military fiction. I’m happy to say that I do write and publish military and political fiction, so some of us do. All best, Gila


  5. Nice to hear from you, Gila. Where can readers find your military fiction?


    • Gila Green says:

      There’s plenty of suspense and political fiction in my recently released novel Passport Control (S&H Publishing) and some military and political fiction in my forthcoming novel in stories White Zion. For a true military fiction novel you’ll have to wait a little..the novel is ready but I’m keeping the publishing info under wraps until it’s official. Thanks for asking and keep up the excellent posts. I always enjoy them.


  6. Great! Thanks, Gila.


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