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I'm a writer and teacher of writing.

Music and The Temple of Chocolate

Dear Readers, I appreciate that my silence has been deafening and that you have been sitting on the edge of your seats for the past two months, wondering whatever happened to that Labensohn writer, Judy, I think her name was … Continue reading

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Another Short Self-Aggrandizing Blog Post

Hi there. Judy, here. Author of Our Names Do Not Appear. Fighting a cold in Tel Aviv and winning! That’s because I’m siding with my immune system and taking massive doses of pills that contain mushrooms, aged garlic and astragalus, … Continue reading

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My Book Does Not Yet Appear

In 1991 I went to a writing workshop in a castle on the Irish Sea. While the waves banged and the sheep bleated and baa baa-ed, the participants wrote about loss. I learned there that writing was a way of … Continue reading

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This Isn’t a Blog Post

It’s my using your interest in my writing to share with you an on-line discussion in which I took part that appears here in The Brooklyn Rail, because I think it’s a fascinating discussion and always timely. Thank you to … Continue reading

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Ready. Set. Let Go.

Over the past five years I have let go of things I’ve loved. The first thing was television. I grew up on American TV from 1948, but I could not stand watching Israeli news delivered by men and women who … Continue reading

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Graduation Time

  I sat at the bus stop waiting for the number 46, wavering if I would tell my hairdresser to give me a ‘hawk, given Tel Aviv’s rising humidity, when three teenage girls ran towards the station to grab shade. … Continue reading

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Who Is the Author of My Memoir?

Forget the thirty-nine titles for the memoir I’m currently submitting to independent publishers, I can’t even settle on the author’s name. Ahhhhrr. That’s me, dressed up as the MGM lion, saying I’m confused. My father told the officiating rabbi thirty … Continue reading

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Growth Spurt, Not Writer’s Block

I seem to be the kind of person who is open to adventures. Over Pesach my partner and I slept in a converted vegetable growing hut. I’m sure this structure has a name but I can barely describe it and … Continue reading

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Curb Your Kvetch

Curb Your Kvetch      parking lots for the short and sour Home Page Welcome! If you’re like me, sometimes something in Israel riles you. If we were activists, we would do something to right the wrong, change the wording, protest the … Continue reading

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Stuck in May 1967

In May  1967 my American parents, together with Chet Huntley and David Brinkley led me to believe that the State of Israel might not exist by the summer.  On May 14th there were reports of Egyptian troop movements into Sinai. … Continue reading

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