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Our Inner Gilad Shalit

     I’ve been wondering what it is about the Gilad Shalit story that captures the imagination of Israelis so much so that we want to know if he ate ketchup with the schnitzel and chips at his first supper home. … Continue reading

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My Mother Gave Me PJ’s and Robes

When I go looking for a gift for my daughter I am so overwhelmed by the sea of possibilities that to avoid drowning I choose haphazardly. What I buy may be something I bought her last year or a book  she … Continue reading

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Slowing Down, Living Well

   Slow down, Live well. A tag line for Elder Airlines?   Actually it’s the wisdom I gained over the hot dry summer while my pomegranates ripened. I remember my father saying, “I’m slowing down.”  Then it meant he could only … Continue reading

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Dumbing Down with IKEA and FACEBOOK

In my struggle to acclimatize to modern life, last week I shopped at IKEA and joined Facebook. Ask me how do I feel. In the past these experiences would have cost me tears and rage, but this week they caused amusement … Continue reading

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Incorporating Pep

How would you feel if for years you had been thinking of yourself as the writer of your junior high school Alma Mater and then one day, by chance, found out you were telling yourself a lie? Memory had deceived … Continue reading

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