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Report from the Boonies

November 27th was a sad day and a happy day. The sad part was because Arik Einstein died and listening to all his beautiful songs on the radio made me feel like a part of me had died, the part … Continue reading

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In Search of the Pefect Hat

I’m a hat person. Each summer I buy two or three new hats. I’m always in search of the perfect hat—one that scrunches into my purse and unfolds miraculously into a perfect bonnet. My fear of skin cancer has driven … Continue reading

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On the Way to the Promised Land

On the way to The Writing Gym yesterday I got off the Light Rail at Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station to “load” my Rav Kav, a smart card for bus and train. #172 was in the office.  I was #182.  It … Continue reading

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A Photo Quiz to Celebrate the 46th Anniversary of the Unification of Jerusalem

During the past year, I have walked on Jaffa Road every Sunday morning at 8:30 on my way to The Writing Gym. Jaffa Road is the main downtown thoroughfare on the western (Jewish, Israeli) side of the Undivided City of … Continue reading

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Forgot the Name of This Post

I used to be afraid of spiders, would not go down into the basement unless accompanied by  another human larger than me, because spiders lived in the basement. But why fear a creature that suspends itself in mid-air, magically hiding … Continue reading

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Blue in Zefat

The people who invented the iPhone loved their mothers. The inventors told themselves to make a phone with a camera that even their mothers could use. And they did.  I loved snapping photos with my new iPhone 4S when I … Continue reading

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Playing Dead in Winter

One January morning I awoke as a bear. My snout poked over the comforter. The mucus froze and I decided to stay undercover. I was wearing my new winter pajamas—a two-piece white fleece outfit that made me look and feel … Continue reading

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An Encounter

On the train to Haifa during Hanukah there were many empty seats, but the old gentleman with the same hairline as Ben-Gurion’s chose to sit opposite me. I removed my purse from the table separating us and he nodded as … Continue reading

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Plant Strong and Pillar of Defense

A few years ago I realized I didn’t know how to eat. I knew how to chew and swallow, but I didn’t know what to eat, how much and when. In an attempt to figure this out, I flirted with … Continue reading

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Ritual Walk

 When Daughter asked me to read the monitor that had been attached to her belly for twenty-four hours, I confused the numbers. Feelings of incompetence increased when I returned from the food court with an omelette sandwich for Son-in-law that … Continue reading

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