“Leaving” in

“Homecoming, 1982” in Consequence Magazine: An International Literary Magazine Focusing on the Culture of War, Vol. 10, Spring 2018

* Giving away Grief in Lilith Magazine, Spring 2017  

Contributions in Anthologies and Textbooks


“Homecoming, 1982” in Consequence Magazine, 2018 from Bethlehem Road

“Law of Return” in Bridging the Cultural Divide: Remembering September 11th, 2011 from Bethlehem Road

“What To Do With the Past” in Ilanot Review, Spring, 2011

“Every Man A Lamb” in, Spring, 2011 from Bethlehem Road

“Explosion,” in Hadassah Magazine, June/July 2007 from Bethlehem Road

“Dispersion, A Tale,” in The Kenyon Review, Summer 1993 from Bethlehem Road

Nonfiction (over 1,500 words)

  • USA: Lilith Magazine (2017), Fourth Genre (2008),The Southwest Review (2007), Michigan Quarterly Review (2007), Natural Bridge, Creative Nonfiction, Reform Judaism, Lilith Magazine, Hadassah Magazine, Moment Magazine, Goucher Quarterly, Present Tense Magazine


  • Israel: Arc, Shdemot, Forum
  • USA: Response, Reform Judaism, Jewish Frontier, Conservative Judaism, Pudding Magazine

Personal Essays (fewer than 1,500 words)

  • Israel: The Jerusalem Post Magazine, The Jerusalem Post and The Nation, columnist from 1983-2003; The Jerusalem Report, Israel Scene
  • USA: World Press Review, The Cleveland Jewish News, The Baltimore Jewish Times, WIZO Magazine
  • Canada: The Canadian Jewish News


  • “Left Thumb, Right Hand, Lip: On Thumb Sucking and Writing”
    Honorable Mention: 19th New Millennium Writings Awards 2005
  • “The First Pregnancy in Jerusalem”
    Honorable Mention: Moment Magazine’s Annual Short Story Contest 2003
  • “Leaving Babylon: A Walk Through the Jewish Divorce Ceremony”
    Finalist, The Walter V. Shipley Best Essay Award, June 2002
    (sponsored by Chase Manhattan Bank and Creative Nonfiction)